Will Hill, CPT & Head Coach

Meet Will - what can we say…we are mad about him!

Will served 6 years in the Marine Corps, which led to his passion for fitness and his decision to pursue this as a career. Will became ACE certified in March 2017.

Will’s favorite part of coaching is to witness physical and mental growth of his clients, as well as seeing members overcome the I can’t mentality.

His mission is to not only help clients lose weight and gain strength but also to help them increase their overall health including total physical functionality for life (strength, mobility, stamina).

He is an exceptional coach with training middle school and high school athletes to excel in their given sports. He also has a gift dealing with students who may have some physical/and or learning delays.

Will models the life he teaches by eating healthy and balanced meals, he loves cooking, motocross, shooting at the range, and is engaged to be married to his fiance, Holly!