Fit Studio is a gym serving Roanoke, VA and Salem, VA.

Why Does Fitness Matter To You?


Lifelong Health

We all know that regular exercise and proper nutrition prevent disease and promote the body's incredible healing and regulating abilities.



We want to create special memories for our families. We want to be there for our children. We want to be there for our grandchildren too.



When did we all decide a healthy lifestyle couldn't be fun? Sometimes the process is challenging, but the fit lifestyle is unmatched.


Healthy Weight

True weight loss requires habit change. Habits are hard to break and replace. A fit lifestyle creates a space for new, healthy habits to form.



Confidence, not vanity. Fitness has the unique ability to affect every area of life, even sometimes reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.


Prevent Injury

Properly performed exercise can also help promote injury prevention. As our years increase, so often does our risk of injury. It doesn't have to.


Why Does Your Gym Choice Matter?


Fit Studio is truly unique.

There is no other gym like Fit Studio. We don't just mean in Roanoke, Salem, or the surrounding areas...but really...anywhere.

Fit Studio is unique because we offer three massively different fitness strategies that effectively address any fitness goals. You can choose to take advantage of our H.I.I.T. (high-intensity interval training) group workouts (supportive group fitness focused on developing and improving health and fitness), strength and conditioning group workouts (focused on pushing yourself to maximize your fitness and athletic performance), along with an open-gym approach by taking advantage of our world-class gym facilities.

But the truth is, we’ve always offered multiple programs to help our clients achieve very specific goals. But you might not know that you can mix and match all of these strategies with ONE membership. There’s no need to pay an additional fee or fill out paperwork. You can show up to any classes you want, any time you want. You can even go to H.I.T.T. in the morning and strength and conditioning in the evening!

I guess you could say we have something for everyone, or that we swim against the current, but that might sound kitschy.

But here is what REALLY sets us apart.

Our trainers take a personal interest in you.

Other gyms compete with price for a one-size-fits-all fitness solution. But those one-size-fits-all fitness solutions just don't work. The excitement wears off. There is no support. There is no plan.

That is why we focus on your goals. Goal-focused fitness solutions get results, and that is why we tailor each and every client's fitness plan with a goal-focused approach. We follow up. We make adjustments and monitor your progress. Plus, we offer free, no obligation, no-pressure one-on-one consultations with a personal trainer to discuss your goals. Just click below to set one up!


Would you like to know about our fitness programs?

Please scroll down to learn about them!


You have options.

Mix and match with one membership.

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Fit Studio is well-equipped gym experience for men and women alike. With a personal and group training focus, we create sensible, achievable, goal-based plans for each client. We provide support, and world-class training not found elsewhere in Roanoke, Salem, or anywhere close.

Explore our two group fitness options…high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.), strength and conditioning, or both!


High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.)


Strength & Conditioning


Can't decide? Maybe you'd like some help forming your goals?


talk with a trainer for free.

Get your free, face-to-face consultation with Zero obligation or pressure. What do you have to lose?


a consultation shouldn’t be a sales pitch.

If you ever had a “free consultation” that was an uncomfortable, high-pressure sales pitch, well, that really stinks. We don’t do that. Our use of “consultation” isn’t a euphemism. One of certified personal trainers will listen to you, hear about your goals, and offer you some practical, useful advice. If you choose to join FitStudio…great, but that’s not our only reason for meeting!

Why do we give free consultations?

That is a good question. We're glad you asked.

Consultations keep us honest. Consultations keep us client-goal focused. We love to meet face-to-face with new or considering clients, get to know them, hear their stories, and listen to their goals before jumping to conclusions. We even help them focus and define their goals, when helpful.

Our consultations are free, thirty-minute opportunities for us to meet, listen to your goals, and help you decide between our three fitness strategies. We'd offer more if we saw a need, but these three programs have met the needs of every single client thus far!


Are you ready to do this? We are!