Robyn Goodpasture, Owner

Robyn Goodpasture is Certified Weight Loss Specialist with Health Factor Weight Loss. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Wake Forest University with a degree in Psychology. From as early as 12 years old, Robyn struggled with weight concerns. Starting with weight watchers, attempting Nutrit – systems and she even worked with a nutritionist in her teens. Robyn is now a personal trainer, life coach, and figure competitor. Having worked hard to heal her relationship with food, it is something she passionately loves to help others do as well. Robyn has been in the fitness and weight loss industry since 2008.

Because of struggling for decades with binge eating disorder, her understanding about body image issues, and her own “mal-relationship with food,” she has not only helped herself, but hundreds of others overcome these destructive issues. She has successfully overcome her eating issues and has maintained a positive and balanced relationship with food and a healthy lifestyle.

Robyn and her husband Richard has been involved in health and wellness with their gym, Fit Studio VA for the past 10 years. Robyn has three amazing teenagers as well as her 3 Pit bulls and 4 cats.