Refined sugar isn't your friend and it is still alive and well in lots of foods

Refined sugar IS dangerous to your health

Not to mention the frustration of trying to lose weight while continuing to consume it! Maybe you have read about it ad nauseum but it bears repeating - Find the hidden sugar in your foods and you find a solution to your weight stall or gain.

Regular sugar consumption will ALWAYS cause weight gain. Your body MUST respond to the sugar spike in your blood stream - and it does so with insulin - and after the small amount sugar that can be stored in various parts of the body, the most and easiest place for that sugar to get shuttled to and stored in IS FAT.

Pure and simple. You are not above your body chemistry and working out doesn’t counter the over consumption to sugar. Becoming mindful and really learning how much sugar is in your food can and will be a game changer for your success.

In addition to ruining your figure, chronic sugar consumption puts you at risk of numerous health problems. Diseases like Diabetes, heart issues and even cancer. We KNOW this - but we still play Russian Roulate with our help giving in to our sugar cravings!

When you're in the habit of taking in sugar everyday it's hard to quit, but once you've broken the habit you won't give sugar a second thought.

Whenever your sweet tooth flares up eat a piece of fresh organic fruit. I used to not be a big believer and buying organic - but with all the problems glycosophate seems to cause our body - try to buy organic to gain the benefits but not the toxins.

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