Goals and Refocusing

⚡Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have an easier time sticking to their health and fitness goals (or really, ANY goal they set their mind to)?


👉Well a new study shows that it might be because they have a strong sense of life purpose.


🔥Researchers from the Annenberg School theorize that having a strong purpose can make it easier to make healthier decisions. Their study was published in the medical journal Health Psychology.


💥The scientists recruited 200 sedentary people who had body mass indexes falling into the obese or overweight category. Each participant took a survey measuring their feelings about their life purpose. Researchers then showed them health messages promoting physical activity while their brain responses were measured.


💡💁‍♀️Their findings: People who reported a stronger life purpose were more likely to agree with the health messages, plus they showed less activity in the areas of the brain that are associated with processing conflict.


❓The takeaway = Self-development gurus always say to “find your why” – the driving reason you truly want to achieve your goal in the first place.


🔥✨When your “why” fits into your larger purpose, it helps keep you focused and on-track. Here are a few “why’s” that have been powerful motivators for people:


- You want to be able to play and be active with your kids (or grandkids!).

- Your energy is dragging and you feel like you’re missing out on quality of life

- You’ve had a health scare and it’s time to take control

- You’re ready to go out and feel confident with your friends and look and feel your best

- An adventure vacation has been on your bucket list and you want to be ready to enjoy it!


So what is YOUR why???