Pricing and Services

We sell results. We sell support. We sell partnership. Here's how we do it...

Free Consultations

We offer free, thirty-minute sessions with our certified personal trainers to listen to your goals, offer a custom-solution using one of our three awesome fitness platforms, and let you decide. We don't do high-pressure. We don't obligate you.  We leave the choice up to you. You can set one up right here.

The following services are for Fit Studio and Dawg Squad Strength and Conditioning.  Fit Body Boot Camp takes a different approach, based on your goals! Read below to see what our gym membership and personal training is all about!

Fit Studio Memberships

Individual Membership ($54/month): Enjoy 24/7/365 access to the studio and all the amenities, including the infra-red sauna and our super-posh locker rooms. Don't bother bringing towels, body wash, or shampoo. We'll have them there waiting for you. Also, we don't make you sign a contract or make some huge commitment. We just know you'll like it.

Joint Membership ($79/month): Enjoy all the benefits of the individual membership, but for two...and save $29/month. You really don't have to thank us. We do this because we like you.

Trainer-Plus Membership ($99/month): For one individual, enjoy all the benefits of the individual membership, but also get two, half-hour personal training sessions included...and save $45/month. Again, you don't need to thank us.

Dawg SquaD Memberships

Unlimited Membership ($147/month): Enjoy full-access to all the components we offer (click here to see the schedule)...there are no limits whatsoever. 

3-day/week Membership ($117/month): Pick one component, Tough, Fast, or Strong, as they are all complete fitness programs on their own, or you can mix-and-match for a more customized approach.

Discounted Unlimited Membership ($107/month): We appreciate the sacrifice of certain warriors, so we set this membership aside for any of the following: active military, veterans, law enforcement, first responders, students, and teachers.


Are you ready to take the next step, but maybe you would like a little support? We offer one-on-one personal training with certified personal trainers in half-hour ($45/half-hour) and one-hour ($60/hour) sessions or our 12-week Challenge. Our trainers will hear your goals, help you refine and focus them, create a custom training plan for you, and help you walk it out. We don't want to only see you for the first month of your New Year's resolution every year...we want to help you fulfill a new life resolution that leads to a lifelong, healthy lifestyle.