Looking for a personal trainer in Roanoke, VA?

Well, look no further! Fit Studio, conveniently located by Berglund Chrysler Jeep and Dodge and the new Carilion Clinic complex on Franklin Road in Roanoke, VA, offers customized, personal training.

Our staff of committed, certified personal trainers are committed to learning your goals, making a common-sense, effective plan to help you achieve your goals, and walking with you through each step of the process. We feel that our personal trainers go above-and-beyond with the personal attention that really sets Fit Studio apart.

We offer free no-pressure, no-obligation consultations with a personal trainer to see if Fit Studio is right for you...if it isn't no problem! However, we feel like our offerings at Fit Studio, Dawgsquad, and Fit Body Bootcamp provide three compelling solutions, no matter your fitness goals! Whether you are looking to tone up, get in shape, lose weight, eat healthier, or take your fitness level to the max, we'd love to tell you about the programs we have to partner with you in your journey!

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It is time to start a lifetime of fitness.