Group fitness meets personal training, right here in Roanoke, VA.

Dawg Squad Strength & Conditioning is a team-supported, progressive training program offered in result-focused components. We'll help you select the right component, or combination of components, that help you achieve your specific goals - regardless of age, fitness level, or even confidence.

Dawg Squad Strength & Conditioning is unique because your monthly membership gives you full-access to all sessions of all the components we offer (click here to see the schedule)...there are no limits whatsoever. That means you can pick one component, as they are all complete fitness programs on their own, or you can mix-and-match for a more customized approach.

The three components we offer are:

Trains Tough

An intense and powerful fitness program that takes the everyday athlete to the edge by developing endurance, confidence, and resiliency. This is for the individual that seeks challenge, maximized benefit and improvement to overall fitness.

Trains Fast

A high intensity metabolic-conditioning program. This is for the everyday athlete that seeks improved cardio-respiratory endurance and amplified fat-burning through an increased metabolism.

Trains Strong

An explosive weight-lifting program. This is for the everyday athlete that seeks increased muscular strength and endurance.

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Don't feel pressured.

That's not our style.

We'd never want you to make a hasty decision about your health and fitness. That's why we offer a free, seven-day, full-access, no-obligation trial. This gives you an entire week to try any and all of the components, see if it is a good fit, and join us.

If you want. And not if you don't.